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Apple extract 

Apple extract is a product extracted from apples. It contains polyphenols, triterpenes, pectin, dietary fiber and other biologically active substances. Apple cider vinegar not only has health care functions, but can also eliminate excessive accumulation of carbonated water in the human body, relieve fatigue, and replenish energy. The most important thing is that it also has the effects of losing weight, beautifying, and nourishing the skin. Studies have found that regular drinking of apple cider vinegar can not only keep the skin healthy, but also maintain fitness. Apple cider vinegar aids digestion and can also be used to lose weight in a beneficial way for the body, allowing the body to absorb nutrients, break down fat and sugar, etc. most effectively. In countries such as Europe and the United States, apple cider vinegar is more popular for weight loss, especially in the form of apple cider vinegar powder.

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1.Increase the level of NAD+:NAD+ not only affects the viability of Sirtuins in vitro, but also acts as a key substance for polyadenosine diphosphate ribose polymerase DNA repair enzymes (PARPs). A group led by Professor David Sinclair of Harvard Medical School discovered in 2017 that NAD+ can repair DNA damage.
2. activate SIR protein: NMN can activate SIR protein, which is beneficial for heart disease.
3.Promote metabolism:As age rises, the body's NMN level gradually declines, and the body will experience degenerative symptoms, such as muscle deterioration, weakening of brain power, deepening of pigmentation, hair loss, and so on.
NMN can improve the energy metabolism of hippocampus and liver cells by increasing the concentration of NAD+ and activating Sirtuin3, thus alleviating the symptoms of depression.
As an indicator, NMN can objectively reflect the degree of human aging. Supplementation of NMN in groups with aging symptoms can efficiently delay aging symptoms or restore youthfulness.

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Grape seed extract

Grape seed can remove free radicals, anti-aging, enhance immunity and stop the destruction of human cells. It protects the body's cells and tissues against heart disease, diabetes, arteriosclerosis and so on.

Grape seed also protects the eyes from radiation damage, enhances night vision, reduces retinopathy, protects the digestive system and gastric mucosa, prevents and treats gastritis, gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers.

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Olive leaf extract

1. Antioxidant: olive leaf extract is rich in polyphenols, which can scavenge free radicals in the body, thus achieving the effect of antioxidants, to a certain extent, can also prevent skin aging.
2. Protect the cardiovascular system: alkaloids and flavonoids in olive leaf extract can dilate blood vessels, increase blood flow, and can also regulate the level of blood lipids, hypertension, hyperlipidaemia and other diseases have a certain degree of adjuvant therapeutic effect. If the patient has the above conditions, then you can use the drug under the guidance of the doctor for treatment.
3. Promote digestion and absorption: olive leaf extract is rich in dietary fibre, appropriate consumption can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, accelerate the digestion and absorption of food, and help to improve constipation.
4. Assist in lowering cholesterol: olive leaf extract contains a variety of natural active ingredients, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, polyphenols, etc., these ingredients can help the body metabolism of excess cholesterol, thus playing a role in assisting in lowering cholesterol.
5. Enhance immunity: olive leaf extract is rich in vitamin A, vitamin D, and calcium and other nutrients, moderate consumption can be supplemented for the body's nutrients, but also to a certain extent to improve their own immunity.

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Ergothioneine is a natural antioxidant that can protect cells in the human body and is an important active substance in the body. Natural antioxidants are safe and non-toxic and have become a hot research topic. Ergothioneine, as a natural antioxidant, has entered people’s field of vision. It has many physiological functions such as scavenging free radicals, detoxifying, maintaining DNA biosynthesis, normal cell growth and cellular immunity.

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Resveratrol is a polyphenolic compound, also known as astragalus triol, it is a tumour chemotherapy, chemopreventive agent, can also reduce platelet aggregation, prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, cardiovascular system diseases and so on, it is mainly derived from peanuts, grapes, thuja, mulberry and so on. Its role and efficacy include the following aspects: First, it has an anti-tumour effect, resveratrol, which is a natural anti-tumour chemopreventive agent, in the onset of tumours, enhancement and expansion, the three phases, have a very good anti-cancer activity. Secondly, it has a protective effect on the cardiovascular system, mainly by reducing myocardial ischaemia, inhibiting atherosclerosis and thrombosis, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, vasodilator, etc., play a cardiovascular protective role. Thirdly, it has antioxidant and anti-free radical effects. Resveratrol is a natural antioxidant present in plants, which can mainly remove and inhibit the generation of free radicals, but also inhibit lipid peroxidation and regulate antioxidant-related enzymes, due to its antioxidant effect. Therefore, for beauty, anti-aging, life extension, have certain benefits. Fourth, it has an antibacterial effect, resveratrol, as a natural plant antitoxin, has been known for a long time, so we can often be used as a process, you can use its anti-inflammatory disinfection effect on our gastrointestinal tract, the prevention of infections in other parts of the body, have a certain effect. Fifth, it has anti-aging effects, some studies believe that resveratrol, it can extend the life expectancy of some animals. Sixth, it has an estrogen-like effect, so for women with menopausal syndrome, there is some relief. Seventh, it has an immunomodulatory effect, which can improve the immune function.

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Lemon Extract 

Lemon extract contains vitamin A, B1, B2, very whitening effect. Citric acid and flavonoids, volatile oils, hesperidin, etc. has the role of preventing and eliminating skin pigmentation, the skin has been formed in the melanin also has a lightening effect, and appetising detoxification, whitening, emollient, lower cholesterol if the daily supplementation of lemon extract will also play a role in cleansing the intestinal tract, elimination of fat, lowering the blood lipids, moisturising and whitening of the skin, it will make the eyes more eyesight, the skin more ruddy.

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Green tea extract 

1. Efecto antioxidante
Los polifenoles del extracto de té verde tienen un fuerte efecto antioxidante, que puede eliminar los radicales libres y ralentizar el envejecimiento celular.
2. Efecto antiinflamatorio
Los polifenoles del extracto de té verde pueden inhibir la respuesta inflamatoria y aliviar los síntomas de la inflamación.
3. Anticancerígeno
Los polifenoles del extracto de té verde pueden inhibir el crecimiento y la propagación de las células tumorales y reducir la incidencia del cáncer.
4. Reducción de la presión arterial
Los polifenoles del extracto de té verde pueden dilatar los vasos sanguíneos, reducir la presión arterial y prevenir la hipertensión.
5. Reducción de la grasa en sangre
Los polifenoles del extracto de té verde pueden reducir los lípidos sanguíneos y prevenir la arteriosclerosis.

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Rhodiola rosea extract

1. Protection of cardiovascular and cerebral blood vessels: rhodiola rosea extract will contain losevir, glycoside tyrosol, rhodiola rosea glycosides and other ingredients, can play a role in softening blood vessels, and can promote blood circulation within the blood vessels to speed up, and then play a role in protecting the cardiovascular and cerebral blood vessels, is conducive to reducing the incidence of coronary artery atherosclerosis, but also to reduce the area of myocardial infarction;

2. Enhance physical quality: rhodiola rosea extract of amino acid components, such as lysine, leucine and organic acids, is the growth of immune cells need nutrients, supplementation can promote the immune cell activity to enhance, can reduce the incidence of infectious diseases, can enhance the quality of the body.