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Ergothioneine EGT fine powder factory supply super antioxidant


Ergothioneine EGT fine powder factory supply super antioxidant

  • Product Name Ergothioneine
  • Form Powder
  • Specifications 99% Ergothioneine
  • Certificate NSF-GMP, ISO9001,ISO22000, HACCP, Kosher, Halal
  • Storage Store in cool and dry area, keep away from the direct light and heat
  • Shelf Life 2 Years

BioGin' s Ergothioneine

Ergothioneine is a natural rare amino acid and super antioxidant. It was first discovered in 1909 from a fungus, Claviceps purpurea, and is now also found in mushroom fungi, oat bran, cereals and other plants. Ergothioneine also exists in human and animal organs, tissues and blood. It can protect cells in the human body and is an important active substance in the body. However, the human body cannot synthesize it by itself and needs to be ingested from the outside world.


Dr.B.D.Paul from Hopkins University School of Medicine found in the ergothioneine-related experiments that ergothioneine is the only long-acting natural antioxidant that enters the mitochondria and nucleus. It uses the ' OCTN-1 transporter ' to specifically scavenge ROS free radicals. Ergothioneine is transported to mitochondria produced by free radicals in cells, protecting mitochondria from oxidative damage while directly scavenging reactive oxygen free radicals, and scavenging aging factors from the root. Therefore, the antioxidant effect of ergothioneine is stronger, more lasting and more easily absorbed by the human body.


Figure: The role of ergothioneine and transport factor OCTN1

About Specifications

There are several specifications about Ergothioneine.
Details about product specifications are as follows: 99% Ergothioneine.
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1. Super antioxidant: It can effectively scavenge free radicals, protect the biological activity of antioxidants in cells, and delay aging.
2. Protective cell: Ergothioneine is a non-toxic natural antioxidant that is highly protective for cells and is not easily oxidized in water. Their concentration in some tissues can reach mmol and stimulate the cells' natural antioxidant defense system.
3. Light aging resistance: Ergothioneine is added to cosmetics as a skin protectant, which can reduce UV-induced free radicals and prevent UV radiation damage.

Product Application

You can add it in: ★Dietary Supplements; ★Cosmeticsl; ★API.

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