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BioGin is a leading manufacturer, researcher, developer, and marketer for nutritional ingredients and Food ingredients.

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Cosmetics of natural non-toxic good effect is the target we aspired, however, this only comes from natural plant ingredient and confirmed with science and experiments. BioGin devoted to active ingredients’ research and development for many years, as many like astragalus P.E, lemon balm P.E, white birch bark P.E, lemon P.E, olive P.E, are becoming the hotspot of present top grade cosmetics. 

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IndustriesDietary Supplyments

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Human beings are expanding under the caring of vegetable, fruit and the plant resources since ancient times. People pay more attention to the research and application of active nutritional ingredients in plants, such as green coffee bean extract, green tea extract which benefits for cardiovascular health, quercetin, flax lignans which is good for estrogen balance, safflower seed extract, astragalus extract which enhances our motor ability, tribulus extract which improve our sport ability and muscle health, Epimedium P.E which is good for male health, polygonum P.E for anti-aging, etc.

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Human health is directly related with our food and beverage, people start to eat healthier food and drink more nutritional beverage, especially the natural products of functional food and beverage has become more and more popular. 

BioGin nutritional powder, full spectrum extract, standardized extract and monomer natural compounds developed as different but high quality nutritional food and beverage based on modern bioscicence and nutritional science. All ingredients manufacture by the facility and software of NSF GMP standard, from ID validation, safe hygeian indexes control, completing under the conditions of world-class testing facilities and authoritative analysts, annual re-checked by international excellent 3rd party as Eurofin and ChromaDex.