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Natural Citrus Lemon Extract Lemon Bioflavonoids/Pectin Factory Supply Eriocitrin


Natural Citrus Lemon Extract Lemon Bioflavonoids/Pectin Factory Supply Eriocitrin

  • Product Name : Citrus Lemon Extract/Citrus Limon Extract
  • Botanical Source : Fresh fruit
  • Form : Powder
  • Specifications : 5%-50% Eriocitrin/5%-50% Total Bioflavonoids/99% Lemon Pectin/50-90% Dietary Fiber/5%-50% Eriodictyol
  • Certificate : NSF-GMP, ISO9001,ISO22000, HACCP, Kosher, Halal
  • Storage : Store in cool and dry area, keep away from the direct light and heat
  • Shelf Life : 3 Years


BioGin's Citrus Lemon Bioflavonoids/Pectin is a new generation Lemon ingredient that is concentrated in Bioflavonoid with high quality Eriocitrin. Flavonoids from Lemon Fruit(Citrus Limon)that exhibit beneficial effects on capillary permeability and fragility were once know as Vitamin P. Eriocitrin is a flavonoid glycoside present in lemon fruit. It has important antioxidant activities and powerful Lipid-Lowering effect and etc.
BioGin's Citrus Lemon Bioflavonoids/Pectin is the first highly concerntrated and standardized source of Lemon Bioflavonoids and Eriocitrin, providing 15-40 times more than traditional Citrus Lemon ingredients.With BioGin's Citrus Lemon Bioflavonoids/Pectin, you can add the benefits of Bioflavonoids and Eriocitrin to your products in a convenient manner—and guarantee the Bioflavonoids and Eriocitrin concentration on your labels!

About specifications

There are several specifications about Citrus Lemon Extract.
Details about product specifications are as follows:
5%-50% Eriocitrin/5%-50% Total Bioflavonoids/99% Lemon Pectin/50-90% Dietary Fiber/5%-50% Eriodictyol. 
Do you need other specifications,or want to get some samples?Contact us!

Health Benefits

Bioflavonoids: Our Citrus Lemon Extract is a natural source of potent antioxidants that fight against oxidative stress, supporting a healthy immune system and overall well-being.
Pectin: The presence of Pectin aids in digestion, promoting a healthy gut and proper nutrient absorption.
Eriocitrin: A unique bioactive substance found in Citrus Lemon Extract, Eriocitrin, showcases anti-inflammatory properties, assisting in reducing inflammation and supporting cardiovascular health.
Eriodictyol: Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, Eriodictyol helps to reduce inflammation and support cardiovascular health.

Beauty Enhancer

Antioxidant-rich: The Bioflavonoids present in our Citrus Lemon Extract help combat free radicals, promoting youthful-looking skin and providing a natural radiance.
Skin clarifying: With its natural astringent properties, our Citrus Lemon Extract helps in tightening and toning the skin, reducing the appearance of pores and blemishes.
Hair revitalizer: Incorporating Citrus Lemon Extract into hair care products can help promote hair growth, enhance shine, and reduce dandruff. 

Product Application

From adding a tangy flavor to beverages and culinary delights to providing essential nutrients in supplements, this versatile extract will surely delight your customers.You can add it in: ★Food & Beverage; ★Dietary Supplements; ★Cosmetics; ★API.

Production and Development