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A Good Helper for Weight Loss - Black GingerExtract


A Good Helper for Weight Loss - Black GingerExtract

2024-01-30 14:37:13

Recommended dosage: 50-150 milligrams per day
Type: Dark purple to dark brown powder
Storage method: Store in a cool and dark place
Specification: 1 kg/5kg

Final display products: black ginger extract and maltodextrin


First acquaintance with black ginger

Black ginger is a plant of the ginger family, usually growing in tropical Asia. In science, it is called a small wasabi, and in Japan, it is commonly referred to as "black turmeric" or "black ginger.". Meanwhile, in its country.of origin, Thailand, it is known as the Clark Sea Dam. Traditionally, black ginger is considered an energy enhancer with excellent nourishing effects.In Southeast Asia especially in Thailand, people drink tea made from sliced black ginger and alcohol soaked in black ginger. In addition, black ginger is a commonly used folk medicine that enhances energy and alleviates gastrointestinal diseases. Along with the "One Village, One Product campaign proposed by the Thai government, black ginger has been promoted as a healthcare food to raise public awareness.

1.Blood circulation should be restored, and there should be no edema
Using human clinical trials to study the effects of black ginger extract on peripheral blood circulation. In the experiment, Black Ginger Extractp (150mg/day) was freely administered to 14 subjects in a single dose and continuously consumed for 1 week. Monitor the peripheral blood circulation.
vascular system (shape and arrangement of blood vessels), and blood pressure before and after intake of black ginger extract p.
As shown in the figure. 3 and Table. 1. After oral administration of 150mg of black ginger extract for 1 hour, the peripheral blood circulation of the subiects improved. In addition, Table 2 shows an improvement of 57 in peripheral blood circulation. After continuous intake of 150mg of black ginger extract, the rates were 1% and 50.0%, respectively, after 1 hour and 1 week.
2. Effects of Black Ginger Extract-p on the Peripheral
Vascular System
Observing the peripheral vascular system (arrangement and arrangement of blood vessels) returning to normal from a deformed state array.
After a single oral administration of 150mg of black ginger extended Tp for 1 hour, the systolic and diastolic blood pressure of the subjects were adjusted to the normal range. After a single oral administration of 2 hours. the systolic blood pressure significantly decreased (P<0.05), and the blood pressure regulation effect was maintained for 2 hours
The effect of black ginger extract on blood pressure
The above research results indicate that continuous oral administration of black ginger extract p150mg/d can improve peripheral blood circulation,improve the peripheral blood vascular system, and avoid edema. After oral administration, Black Ginger ExtractP regulated the blood pressure of the subjects to the normal range, especially after oral administration of Black Ginger Extract-p for 2 hours, the systolic blood pressure significantly decreased and was adjusted to the optimal range.
"Endothelial derived relaxation factor"
Nitric oxide (NO), also known as endothelial derived relaxing factor, is endogenously synthesized by activating various nitric oxide synthase(NOS). NO serves as a cellular signaling factor in physiological and pathological processes.
NOS in endothelial cells promotes vascular function, inhibits smooth muscle contraction and platelet aggregation by producing NO in blood vessels.Black ginger extract can enhance the production of NO, thereby improving blood circulation and regulating blood pressure. It may be beneficial for promoting the health of vascular endothelial cells such as staying away from
Development Record of Health Experts
The polymethoxyflavones (PF) in black ginger extract enhance muscle metabolism by phosphorylating AMPK in C2C12 myoblasts. In addition,black ginger extract improved the consumption of glucose lipids. and lactate in C2C12, mitochondrial count, accumulation of muscle glycogen, and



Part of the PMF in black ginger extract activates AMPK, which not only improves physical health but also enables us to better manage our body shape.

Phenylmalonic acid action
Inhibition of phosphodiesterase 5
By inhibiting PDES activity, it leads to smooth muscle relaxation.
vasodilation, and increased blood flow to male reproductive tissue.
K metabolic syndrome (k obesity, K diabetes)
Weight gain, visceral fat accumulation, and blood glucose levels were inhibited in mice fed with black ginger extract (1% and 3%) for 8 weeks.Meanwhile, for normal mice (i.e. non obese mice). The black ginger extract has important value as an improvement for metabolic syndrome.
Anti-inflammatory effect 
Among the five different plant extracts of the ginger family, black ginger
extract (EtOH ext.) is the most effective inhibitor of NO production in RAW 264.7 cells, therefore, black ginger extract has anti-inflammatory effects.
K oxidation
Black ginger extract has dose-dependent antioxidant effects on both SOD and DPPH free radical scavenging models
Application Area
Health products and food