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Revealing the 5 magical effects of flaxseed ligninFlaxseed - the King of Lignin


Revealing the 5 magical effects of flaxseed ligninFlaxseed - the King of Lignin

2024-01-30 14:49:24

Flaxseed is rich in a Besides linolenic acid, it is also rich in another component - lignin.
In the past 20 years, flaxseed has gradually received attention from the medical community. Firstly, it was found that it is rich in omega-3, and then it was found that it contains lignin, which has important health benefits for human health.


Lignin, also known as open loop isolarch phenol diglucoside, is a plant estrogen that is very similar to human estrogen. Among the 66 grains containing lignin, flaxseed ranks first and is known as the "king of lignin", with a lignin content 100 to 800 times higher than other foods.

What are the benefits of lignin to the human body?

Lignin and intestinal health
《American Journal of Clinical Nutrition》 showed that lignans intervention can regulate the levels of intestinal lactones or active substances related to gut microbiota.Flaxseed lignans not only fundamentally improve the intestinal
flora, moisten the intestines and relieve constipation, but also directly play an anti-inflammatory effect, thereby changing obesity,cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, polycystic ovary and other chronic diseases.
Lignans and breast cancer
Studies have found that lignans can inhibit the synthesis of ovarian estrogen and reduce the risk of breast cancer through the comprehensive effect of three estradiol synthetases. People who eat less food containing high lignans have a higher risk of breast cancer(2-5 times).
Lignin and Menstrual Syndrome
In the 1990s, the American College of Internal Medicine recommended hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for premenopausal women. Some studies have shown that long-term use of HRT has certain preventive benefits, but there are adverse reactions that increase the risk of breast cancer. Therefore, people have turned to the naturally
occurring plant estrogen - lignin
#Lignin and osteoporosis
Lignin has a similar effect to estrogen, slowing down bone loss and delaying osteoporosis.
#Lignin and antioxidant properties
The easily oxidizable aromatic groups contained in lignin endow it with antioxidant capacity and play an anti-aging role.

Market prospects of lignin

Developed Western countries. mainly Canada. Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, have done a lot of research and development on flaxseed containing lignin as a functional food.Lignin can be widely used in tablet pressing. cereal breakfast and meal substitutes, nutritional functional ultra concentrated emulsions. and whole milk beverages, among other products that continue to appear in the market. However, China still has a blank space in this regard. Therefore, it is urgent to carry out research and development work on flaxseed functional food