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Linum usitatissimum extract


Linum usitatissimum extract

2024-01-30 14:14:21

Flax raw materials

Flax is an ancient bast fiber crop and oilseed crop, divided into oil flax, oil fiber flax, and fiber flax. There are records of flax used for oil in China as early as over 200 BC. It was introduced to China by Zhang Qian of the Han Dynasty on an envoy to the Western Regions via the Silk Road. Flax is mainly grown in areas where the "Hu people" gathered in the past,so oil flax in northwest and other areas is also known as sesame. Hu Ma has a cultivation history of at least 1000 years in China. The main production areas are Inner Mongolia, Gansu,Ningxia Zhangiiakou llebei and other places.


Nutrient components of flax

Flaxseed contains about 40% crude fat, about 20% crude protein, and about 10% flaxseed gum. At present, flaxseed is mainly used for the production of flaxseed oil, as well as the production of flaxseed gum using flaxseed or flaxseed shells. The defatted flaxseed meal is mainly used as animal feed.
Flax flowers grow in groups and patches, either blue or light blue or white, open in the momning and wither in the afternoon. Flax flower's words of thanks. Flax flower also has medicinal value, which can promote blood circulation and dredge collaterals,treat blood stasis, abdominal pain, postpartum lochia, amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea.Originally recorded in the Lahan Seed Plant List.
Flaxseed oil is made from flaxseeds, also known as flaxseed oil or flaxseed oil. It has been consumed by humans for 5000 years and is mainly produced in Canada. The most prominent advantage of flaxseed oil is its high content a - Linoleic acid, with a content greater than 50%. a - Linoleic acid is not only an essential fatty acid for the human body, but also can derive beneficial DHA and EPA in the body.

Product Name


test method



Linum usitatissimum extract

Lignin 20%



Yellow brown fine powder


Lignin 40%



Flaxseed oil

Linseed oil (unsaturated fatty acids>65%)




Light yellow oily

Quality control of flax extract

20% lignocellulosic acid


Linen lignin standard
Detection of Linolein PAH4

Market application of flax extract

01. Application in Food
Research has shown that due to the special use of one or more health components of lignin, especially ring opening larch resin phenol and bird's nest resin phenol, in the production of functional foods with anti-inflammatory or anti-aging properties, as a healthy food, lignin extracted from flaxseed is used in the form of powder, tablets or syrup. fruit juice as mayonnaise, ice cream, cream substitute. health drinks containing anti wrinkle agents, sports drinks, chocolate, etc Candy. baked goods, as wel1 as additives for soups, grains, seasonings, and anti wrinkle coating as food skins, have unique applications. The addition of these lignans to food can not only improve product quality, especially
the stability of these products, but also improve the taste and physical
structure of the food, increasing its nutritional value. The publicly
available friction fragments of flaxseed rich in lignans can be used in
tood to change the taste, structure. or color of the food. while also
increasing the human body's intake of fiber. The application prospects
of lignin in functional foods are very optimistic.

02. Application in clinical medicine
Because of its antiviral activity, anti mitotic activity and fungicidal activity, lignans have strong antioxidant properties, and can prevent or inhibit hormone dependent cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.It can effectively curb the growth of cancer, reduce the size of tumor and reduce the probability of its production. In clinical, lignans,extracted from flaxseed are used for anti-tumor, prevention of colon cancer, prostate cancer, thymus cancer, diabetes, lupus nephrit1s,atherosclerosis, especially atherosclerosis, and female hormone disorders, including osteoporosis, hypertension, depression, obesity.Adjuvant treatment for symptoms such as hot flashes.

03. Application in cosmetics
he main reason is that lignin has strong antioxidant properties. As an intermediary or
anti-aging active agent in cosmetics, lignans have broad application prospects in cosmetics to
prevent or treat skin aging, especially in cosmetics that make skin more elastic, prevent or treat
skin dryness, keep skin oist, and improve skin appearance, due to skin laxity, lack of elasticity
and reduce wrinkle formation.
With the in-depth study of the function of lignin, the important role of lignin in human health has
oeen increasingly confirmed by experiments. If the chemical composition and pharmacological
activity of lignans in flaxseeds are combined to study, health products, medicinal functional
products. and cosmetics with high economic nutritional. and medicinal walue can be obtained
The economic added value of flaxseeds can be greatly increased, and it will also generate huge
economic and social benefits!

04. Application in feed
Linolein can enhance the immune system of livestock and poultry,
promote growth, improve the quality of livestock products, increase egg
production rate, affect lipid metabolism, and improve egg quality