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BioGin Health

BioGin is a leading manufacturer, researcher, developer, and marketer for nutritional ingredients and Food ingredients.

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about our company

BioGin is a leading manufacturer, researcher, developer, and marketer for nutritional ingredients and Food ingredients.We work for many dietary supplement companies, the Functional Food and Cosmetic Industries worldwide.

Today BioGin products have gained the trust of many customers for our high quality products, competitive prices and speedy services. As a result of our efforts, many people now live healthier and happier lives.The good health of our customers is the cardinal rule of our business.Our model is HEALTH BEFORE PROFITS.

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Value Chain for Plant-based Health

In order to realize a healthy lifetime for everyone, BioGin has been working hard to discover, develop and manufacture high quality and efficient bioactive ingredients and products such as protein, dietary fiber, polysaccharide, polyphenols, flavonoids and alkaloids,etc. , for food, nutrition supplements and pharmaceuticals.

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Through the technical research and development from many scientists for many years, BioGin has created some best-in-class R&D and manufacturing platforms including MSET®Plant-based(a technical platform for ingredients manufacturing), SOB/SET®Plant-based(a technical platform for quality improving and stability)and BtBLife®Plant-based(a technical platform for bioavailability improving), etc., Those crucial technology platforms play role of core competition for BioGin in the field of food, nutrition and pharmaceuticals, etc., which involves manufacturing, quality and clinical research and commercialization.

By our own proprietary technology platforms and intelligent control systems,such as MSET®Plant-based,SOB/SET®Plant-based and BtBLife®Plant-based,etc.   ,which enable the safety and high efficiency manufacture and product quality and stable performance for BioGin.  Meanwhile,production and quality management are strictly in accordance with FDA CFR111/CFR211,ICH-Q7 and other regulations and GMP regulations,so as to further ensure 100% compliance of production and products,100% traceability,sustainable and verifiable quality.

Quality Assurance

Quality is the core foundation of BioGin, and it has established an international best-in-class QA/QC center, equipped with the highest standard such as HPLC, UPLC, LC-MS, GC, ICP-MS,HPTLC, DNA (PCR), NMR, MS-GCP and other detection instruments and equipment. In addition, we also established long term cooperation and interaction with international third-party authority inspection and audit institutions such as NSF, IFOS, Eurofins, Covance, SGS, etc. Our internal high standard quality inspection and control, and international third-party authority inspection and certifications ensure our product quality to be scientific, authoritative, 100% traceable and verifiable, and reaching international advanced quality control and administration level.